Calls for Committee Members encourages participation in two committees on ANSI/ICC standards

Code Council members should consider two upcoming calls for committee members. The committees will develop two new ANSI/ICC standards that, once published, will be groundbreaking for the industry:

  • The Sizing Water Distribution, Drainage and Venting Standard Consensus Committee (IS- SWDDV) will be responsible for developing ICC 815-202X (Standard for Sizing Water Distribution, Sanitary Drainage and Vent Piping Systems). This new international standard will take a holistic worldwide approach to sizing water distribution, sanitary drainage, and vent piping systems for

residential, mixed-use, and institutional occupancies that utilizes a sizing method that has no

basis on Hunter’s Method and accounts for post-COVID-19 usage patterns.

  • The Private Sewage Disposal Systems Standard Consensus Committee (IS-PSDS) will be responsible for developing ICC 825-202X (Private Sewage Disposal Systems). This new international standard will provide minimum requirements for designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining private sewage disposals systems based on newer technologies and methods, and most importantly, the impacts of climate change.

If interested, please click here and fill out the application(s). The deadline is September 30.