ICC-ES Broadcast Report: Light gauge metal framing system for a cleaner, faster and stronger build 

The ICC-ES Broadcast Report is an exclusive service to inform ICC Members about new or revised product evaluation reports or listings. Storage Structures is a dedicated nationwide team of experts who design, procure, and install metal building components for single, bi-level, and multi-story buildings for self-storage and residential applications. As the exclusive provider of the patented Alpha Framing System, Storage Structures delivers an exceptional quality product. The Alpha Framing System is a light gauge metal framing system consisting of pre-assembled factory cold-formed steel Alpha Beams and T62 Columns combined with composite decking and field installed concrete resulting in a formidable primary framing structure. The Alpha Framing System was evaluated on its structural properties to support gravity loads with reports of load testing and data analysis in accordance with AISI S100. The full evaluation report, including California Building Code (CBC) and Los Angeles Building Code (LABC) supplements, is available here: ESR-4894. For more information on the Alpha Framing System, call 877- 456-1602 or email info@storagestructuresinc.com.