ICC Primary Representative Governmental Member Voting Representatives Validation Required.

All ICC Primary Representatives must validate their Governmental Member Voting Representatives by March 16th to participate in the online voting that follows the Committee Action Hearings on the 2021 I-Codes. The hearings will be held April 15-23 in Columbus, Ohio. Check your voting status here. The proposed changes for Group A were put online Feb. 28, and they can be found by clicking here. For more information about the 2021 I-Codes development process, click here. For more information about cdpACCESS (used for online voting), visit www.iccsafe.org/cdpaccess.

DBSC Train-the-Trainer Program

The Department of State Division of Building Standards and Codes (DBSC) is pleased to offer a Train-the-Trainer Program at the New York State Academy of Fire Science on February 14, 2018 for all qualifying interested individuals.  This one-day course is designed to provide the participants with the information they will need to present six-hours of annual in-service training to individuals certified as Building Safety Inspectors. The training will include three separate 2-hour classes.  Following the successful completion of the Train-the-Trainer Program, participants will be permitted to teach the three 2-hour classes on a schedule that suits the needs of their department. The participants will be issued a CD which will contain the PowerPoint course material, instructor manual and student workbook.  Individuals will be responsible for printing the materials needed for the courses that they are providing.

Participants in the Train-the-Trainer Program must meet the following criteria in order to:

*         Be certified as a Building Safety Inspector or Code Enforcement Official and be in active certification status

*         Be a training instructor for a fire department or be a Certified Code Enforcement Official with at least two years’ experience delivering In-service training as an adjunct instructor through DBSC.

*         Completed Fire Instructor I or equivalent; or have at least an Associate’s Degree in the Building Construction field or equivalent

Individuals wishing to obtain additional information on the Train-the-Trainer program should email the Division of Building Standards and Codes by January 25, 2018.  The email address is:  dosCodesTraining@dos.ny.gov<mailto:dosCodesTraining@dos.ny.gov

Member Highlight – Rob Drexler

The NYS Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association would like to thank Rob Drexler for his service with the International Code Council.

ICC Director Rob Drexler on Capitol Hill.

This past October Rob Drexler finished serving as a Director for the International Code Council (ICC). Rob started his service to the ICC in 2011 being elected as a Director at Large. Director Drexler ran again in 2013 and completed the three year term this past October.

While serving on the Board of Directors Rob served on the following committees:

Resolutions (Chair 2011-12)
Bylaws Committee (Chair 2012-13)
Awards Committee (Chair 2014-15)
Audit Committee
CEO Evaluation Committee
Investment Committee
cdpACCESS Committee
Board Steering Committee on Remote Participation
Building Officials Membership Council Liaison (2012-16)

Fire Service Membership Council Liaison (2011-12)

Rob put a lot of time and effort into his service to the ICC. Speaking with Rob it was not just the service to the ICC that served as his motivation, it was knowing he was part of a team that was making a difference by improving building safety throughout the country that drove him to the top of his game.

Rob’s highlight of his five years was testifying before the United States Congressional Veterans Administration Sub Committee on Health. While there he testified for a bill to provide safe housing for homeless veterans. Rob stated the importance that housing subsidized by the Department of Veterans Affairs is protected from the perils of fires, floods, other natural disasters, and code compliant.

In the above picture Rob (far left) is sitting next to ICC Chief Executive
Officer Dominic Sims during a recent trip throughout ICC Region VI.