June 2018 ICC Chapter Update

International Code Council Government Relations New Updates – June 2018
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Register for the 2018 ICC Annual Conference, Code Hearings & Expo October 21-31 in Richmond
Registration is now open for the 2018 ICC Annual Conference, Code Hearings and Expo, October 21-31 in Richmond, Va. This important building industry event offers educational sessions led by world-renowned experts, networking opportunities, historic building tours and the chance to influence the 2021 International Codes (I-Codes). Register by Sunday, September 16, to take advantage of early-bird savings. The ICC Annual Conference offers a number of education programs for building safety professionals at all levels of their career that cover the I-Codes, disaster response, leadership, new technologies and much more. This year’s conference also includes a new plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas track. Attendees can earn CEUs for these courses.

ICC’s Code of Honor Scholarship Program provides opportunities to participate in code hearings
If you are an ICC Governmental Member Voting Representative, don’t miss your chance to apply for a Code of Honor Scholarship to support your attendance at ICC’s Public Comment Hearings, October 24–31, 2018, in Richmond, Va. The application site will close on Friday, August 10. For details and a button to the application site, click here. For details about the ICC code development process, download these infographics: How It Works and By the Numbers.

ICC’s Electronic Voter Validation schedule announced including September 24 validation deadline
Voting Representatives must have their credentials validated by September 24 in order to fully participate in the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, Public Comment Hearings, and Online Governmental Consensus Vote. The International Code Council’s new and improved Electronic Voter Validation Site has reopened following the Online Assembly Motion Vote. Primary Representatives of current Governmental Members can click here to login and validate your Governmental Member Voting Representatives. This opportunity is for Governmental Member Voting Representatives whose voting credentials have not yet been validated for 2018 or whose voting rosters need to be changed.
• Voter validation window re-opened May 23, 2018
• Voter validation window closes September 24, 2018
For information, contact ICC Member Services at members@iccsafe.org or call 888-422-7233 (x33804). If you want to view videos from the 2018 Group A Committee Action Hearings, they are now available, streaming here for free. And if you want to review the official summary of the 2018 Group A Committee Action Hearings, click here.

Application deadline is June 22 for new members of the ICC Professional Development Council
Applications are now being accepted for new members of the Professional Development Council (PDC). The PDC is comprised of two committees: the Certification Committee (CC) and the Education Committee (EC), each made up of six members. Committee members meet in person or via web or telephone conference several times per year as needed. In-person meetings are held at least once a year, with travel expenses reimbursed. Individuals appointed to a PDC will be responsible for:
• Advising ICC staff and the ICC Board of Directors on all matters related to the Certification Program (CC) or Education Program activities (EC)
• Direction and oversight of Examination Development Committees (CC)
• Serving as a disciplinary board for the Certification Program (CC)
• Strengthening the credibility and quality of the ICC Education program (EC)
The closing date is June 22. Download the application on the Development Committees webpage.

Got PULSE? New ICC Pulse Podcast features national expert on Legionella and Legionnaire’s Disease
The ICC Pulse Podcast is a monthly podcast that offers listeners the inside scoop on the International Code Council and the building safety industry. This month, Pulse puts the spotlight on Dr. Janet Stout, a world-renowned expert on Legionella and Legionnaire’s disease. Dr. Stout, president and director of Special Pathogens Laboratory in Pittsburgh and a research associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh, talks about the dangers of Legionella, where it’s most prevalent and how those at risk can protect themselves. To read more, click here.

Building Safety Month is done for 2018, but some useful promotional tools remain for code officials
By all measures, the 2018 Building Safety Month was a major success in the promotion of the International Codes and the code officials who work hard to protect safe and sustainable neighborhoods and business districts. But you don’t need to stop talking up code officials in June and the rest of the year. Here are several useful videos and other tools to raise the profile of code officials year round:
• The video “Code Officials: Building Safety Today for a Stronger Tomorrow.”
• The video “ICC’s Code Development Process.”
• The video “International Code Council’s Military Families Career Path Program.”
• Downloads that are free or minor cost, ranging from Building Safety Tips, public information brochures, rolls of 100 kids’ “Junior Building Safety Inspector” badges, tips on safety topics and a Building Safety Activity Book for Kids are useful 12 months each year.

Region II President Jack Applegate selected to receive the 2018 ICC Raising the Profile Award
The International Code Council selected Jack Applegate, a building official for Northwest Code Professionals in Eugene, Ore., to receive the 2018 ICC Raising the Profile Award. This award recognizes an individual or organization that has increased public awareness about code professionals and the importance of safety in the built environment. Applegate, a code professional with over 30 years of experience, is the president of ICC Region II and the vice chair of the ICC Building Code Action Committee. Click here to read more.

Emerging Leaders Membership Council dedicates ‘Mentoring Mondays’ video series to ICC Safety 2.0
A series of several online videos titled “Mentoring Mondays,” produced by Governing Council members of the Emerging Leaders Membership Council, have a new purpose in ICC’s Safety 2.0 Initiative. Mike Tomaselli, Chair of the ELMC Governing Committee, said the interviews are useful for recruiting young people and military veterans to seek careers as code officials. “What comes through so clearly are two points,” Tomaselli said. “First, there are huge opportunities for purposeful careers in America’s built environment. Second, the Baby Boom generation of code officials who will be retiring are committed to seeing the next generation succeed.” Click here to the four videos posted on the ELMC webpage.

Large exodus of retiring code officials opens doors to job opportunities for America’s veterans
In the next 15 years, the building industry will experience a loss of 80 percent of the existing skilled workforce. This is a tremendous opportunity for veterans looking for a job after military service as the building safety professions include a broad range of jobs such as building and plumbing inspectors, plans examiners and administrators. That’s why the International Code Council launched a new website for the ICC Military Families Career Path Program. The ICC Military Families Career Path Program is part of Safety 2.0, the Code Council’s signature initiative to welcome a new generation of members and leaders to the building safety profession. To learn more, visit www.iccsafe.org/military, share this video on the program, and contact any of the ICC Government Relations Regional Managers.

Deadline is July 3: Nominations sought by for ICC National Leadership in Sustainability Award
The ICC National Leadership in Sustainability Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the growth and enhancement of codes or public policy advancing the principles of the International Code Council Sustainability Membership Council (SMC), in the field of energy efficiency and/or sustainability in the built environment. The award will be conferred on an individual or organization that demonstrates an exceptional record of contribution, either in one-time or cumulative efforts, made during their career or in the course of past operations. All nominations should be sponsored by an ICC Member or ICC Chapter (Regional, State, or Local). The National Leadership in Sustainability Award will be presented during the 2018 ICC Annual Conference (October 21–24, 2018) in Richmond, Va. For the application, click here.

August 10 is the deadline to apply for openings on ICC-ES Evaluation Committee
The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) seeks to fill openings on the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee, with qualified individuals who will evaluate proposed acceptance criteria prepared by staff concerning building products. Applications will be accepted until August 10, 2018. For more information, click here.

Look for ICC-ES Evaluation Reports for compliance on ICC 500-2014: ICC/NSSA Storm Shelter Standard
ICC-ES evaluates the design and construction criteria of Storm Shelters for high wind, hurricane and tornado requirements required by the following: a) ICC-500-2014: ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters b) FEMA P-320, Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business, and c) FEMA P-361, Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes: Guidance for Community and Residential Safe Rooms. ICC-ES is the only agency with the institutional knowledge to evaluate products to the requirements of its Acceptance Criteria.

Rainwater harvesting systems standard for North America is now available for local adoptions
The CSA B805/ICC 805 Standard for rainwater harvesting systems is available as a download now, and addresses roof surface rainwater and stormwater (rainwater that has come in contact with the ground or a green roof) being used as source water. Rainwater harvesting systems have become more common across North America. Code officials responsible for inspecting these systems have voiced their need for more detailed design parameters to ensure safe implementation of these systems. For this reason the Canadian Standards Association and the International Code Council formed a joint committee to create a rainwater harvesting standard for use in North America. The intent of the standard is to:
• Provide detailed design parameters to ensure rainwater harvesting systems are designed and installed in a way that protects the health and safety of others.
• Make it easier for local jurisdictions to accept and approve rainwater harvesting systems.
• Provide a framework for designers and code officials to implement systems meeting the intent of existing codes.

Renowned water experts join together to form the ANCR Water Technical Committee
ICC and the Alliance for National & Community Resilience (ANCR) recently appointed experts to assist in developing the U.S.’s first whole-community resilience benchmarks related to water systems. The ANCR Water Technical Committee will determine the criteria to evaluate a community’s capacity, risk awareness, competence and resources to respond to disasters or other events that affect the quality or availability of water. The full roster of specialists is available here. “Water is an essential component for resilient communities. From access to clean drinking water to functioning sewage systems, communities must ensure that their water systems are strong, resistant to damage and quick to recover after an incident,” said ANCR’s Chairman Maj. General Warren C. Edwards USA (Ret.). “We are excited to have this distinguished group of water experts to discuss the best ways to measure and prepare communities for a potential disaster.” Contact ResilientAlliance@gmail.com for more information.

July 13 is the deadline to compete and win $2,500 in the World Standards Day Paper Competition
The World Standards Day (WSD) Paper Competition is open to any United States citizen who is in the private sector, government, or academia, including employees of standards developing organizations, and involves a $2,500 prize to the winner at the WSD Dinner on October 18 in Washington, D.C. Every year a theme is selected and this year’s theme is Innovation Nation. The U.S. Planning Committee sponsors a paper competition based on the theme and this year the rules for the competition allow various topics to be chosen as part of the general theme including use of standards to facilitate international trade; standards and the law (IP, copyright, antitrust); how standards support sustainability, accessibility, safety, etc. Click here for more information.

ICC Region II issues challenge to other ICC Regions to start their own mentoring “shadow” programs
International Code Council Region II, which represents the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming, has issued a mentoring challenge to all ICC chapters. In the spirit of the International Code Council’s Safety 2.0 initiative to welcome a new generation of members and leaders to the building safety profession, Region II has stood up their own mentor shadow program, SAFETY 2.R.
The Region II SAFETY 2.R program is a way for ICC members to help build the next generation of code officials on the regional level. A “shadow candidate” will be selected by the Region II executive board president each year to accompany them at the ICC Annual Conference, Code Hearings and Expo. The shadowing provides an opportunity for candidates to walk in the footsteps of the association’s current leaders and experience the path of leadership. This year’s selected candidate will attend the ICC conference in Richmond, Va. Region II wants you to do the same. In order to apply for the shadow program, applicants must submit a cover letter and resume prior to Sept. 1, 2018. Click here to read more. Contact ICC Region II with questions.

Upcoming from the ICC Learning Center: Institutes, training, seminars, webinars, etc.
Online learning is available from the ICC Learning Center. Find course listings you’d like to attend in the Learning Center using the Search function. Single-day training events are an opportunity to focus on topics to ensure your code knowledge stays up to date, with some seminars offering a Virtual Classroom option so you can participate in the event from any location with an internet connection:
• June 6 – Legal Principles.
• June 7 – Seismic Design Using Structural Dynamics (2015 IBC® / ASCE 7–10 / ACI 318–14).
• June 12 – Frequently Misunderstood Foundation Design Provisions.
• June 13 – Finding the Answers in the I-Codes.
• June 14 – Part II: Design of Connections and Components for Precast Concrete Parking Structures.
• June 19 – Principles of Post-Tensioned Concrete.
• June 20 – Principles of Customer Service.
• June 21 – Frame of Reference: Steel Moment Frames Explained.
• June 26 – Mass Timber Structural Design: Engineering Modern Timber Structures.
• June 28 – What Can Structural Engineers Do to Address the Problem of Floor Vibrations?
• July 11 – IMC Administration and General Requirements.
• July 18 – IMC Ventilation and Duct Systems.
• July 25 – IMC Exhaust Systems.
• August 1 – IMC Combustion Air and Venting.
• August 8 – IMC Boiler and Hydronic Piping.
• August 21 – IMC Refrigeration, Fuel Oil Piping and Storage, and Solar Systems.

The following is the updated list of ICC Institutes and other training opportunities across the nation. Find course listings you’d like to attend in the Learning Center using the Search function:
• June 11-12 in St. Louis “When Disaster Strikes” Institute.
• June 18-19 in East Greenwich, R.I., The Complete Permit Technician.
• June 20 in Brea, Calif., 2015 Means of Egress with Doug Thornburg.
• July 9-11 in Oakland, Calif., Prepare for the Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector Certification Exam.
• July 11-12 at Country Club Hills, Ill., 2015 IBC Special Topics with Doug Thornburg.
• July 16-19 at Chelsea, Mass., Code Official Institute with Ron Lynn and John Gibson.
• August 13-15 in Portland, Ore., Fire & Life Safety Institute.
• September 10-11 in Brea, Calif., in St. Louis “When Disaster Strikes” Institute.
• September 17-20 in Dallas, Texas, 14 Permit Technician Certification Test Academy | 2.1 CEUs.
• September 24-25 in Brea, Calif., Permit Technician Institute | 1.2 CEUs.
• October 9 in Country Club Hills, Ill., 2015 Means of Egress with Doug Thornburg.
• November 5-8 at the ICC office in Country Hills, Ill., 64 Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector Certification Test Academy.
• December 3-4 at Atlanta, Ga., Permit Technician Institute | 1.2 CEUs.