Opinion piece states current codes are critical protections for low- and middle-income neighborhoods

ICC Government Relations’ Ryan Colker co-authored an op-ed with Marion McFadden of Enterprise Community Partners (an affordable housing advocacy group) that appeared last week in the Morning Consult, titled, “Affordable Housing Needs to Be Built to Withstand Natural Disasters.” The article notes that recent hurricanes did their worst damage in low- and middle-income neighborhoods, and that keeping construction codes current provides the best protection for those homeowners. “Disasters strike with both a physical and a financial shock, and only about four in 10 Americans can afford to cover a $1,000 blow with savings,” Colker said. “The adoption and application of modern building codes by developers and municipalities is the most straightforward protection for low- and moderate-income communities in the face of disaster. However, more than two-thirds of communities facing hazard risk use out-of-date codes.” Colker is executive director of ICC’s Alliance for National and Community Resilience and Vice President for Innovation at the Code Council. Click here to read more.