Seismic Roundtable follow-up discussion continues October 23 at the 2019 ICC Annual Conference

Code Council members and stakeholders are encouraged to attend the “ICC Seismic Roundtable: Next Steps Forum” at 8:30 a.m. to noon Wednesday, October 23, at the Rio Hotel and Convention Center. The meeting is a follow-up event to the July 25 meeting in Sacramento, Calif., sponsored by the ICC and the California Building Officials. The roundtable brought together more than 80 subject matter experts from
Motivating Code Council members to vote on code proposals following the Public Comment Hearing (Oct. 23-30) in Las Vegas is the purpose of the VOTE FOR YOUR CODES! Campaign, managed by ICC’s Emerging Leaders Membership Council (ELMC) and Sustainability Membership Council. “The Code Council has worked diligently to make electronic voter validation a user-friendly way to designate voters and cdpACCESS offers every voting member of ICC the chance to have their voice heard. We encourage all code professionals to vote using cdpACCESS after this year’s hearings,” Andre Jaen, ELMC Governing Committee Vice Chair, said. Read about it here.
the West Coast and across the U.S. to address the development of a nationally applicable approach to new buildings that allows them to not only withstand but function after an earthquake. Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO, expressed the value of the series of meetings: “The seismic roundtable in California is only the beginning as we work together to create the safest buildings and most resilient communities. The Code Council is hosting a series of events to build consensus on important building science and safety matters globally.” Click here to register for the event.